Agricultural Videos

Having made America’s heartland their home, it comes as no surprise that Video Arts Studios has become masters at promoting and profiling the crops, the livestock, the processes, places, people, most importantly… the heart of American agriculture. 

Video Arts Studios team is well versed in capturing striking video imagery to tell the stories of the researchers and specialists behind healthy seed development and production, the feeding and raising of healthy and hardy livestock, as well as the cyclical journey from planting, harvesting the crop, to serving it as safe and delicious food on the table.

Our expert video production team also knows how to portray the important work of the agricultural programs and institutions that serve our farm industry, as well as how to showcase the many robust satellite businesses that the agriculture trade supports, from farm vehicle and implement dealers, to grain milling and distribution.

Whether a project’s narrative requires live video or animated motion graphics, the Video Arts Studios team is experienced and well prepared to beautifully convey any and all aspects of our marvelous agricultural heritage and culture, for any assignment a client should request.

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