Creative Services

Concept / Script Writing

Let us assist you in scoring the perfect creative solution for your marketing goal.

Our writers, producers and directors, are experienced in producing award winning creative internet, radio, television, and theatrical video productions. Our team works on everything from commercials, public service announcements, to social media videos, as well as creative dramatic and documentary films.

Video Arts Studios artists and copywriters are skilled and experienced in turning the smallest idea or rough concept into a polished finish, and ready-to-shoot storyboard and script. Whether they’re writing a humorous or a serious piece, our writer/producers excel in knowing just how to maximize a script with just the right turn of a phrase, staging of a visual, or movement of a scene.

Collaboration is our writing team’s specialty, so they gladly work side by side with clients to ensure that the final product is just what they envisioned.

Video Production

When it comes to production studio space, size matters.

Video Arts Studios has a 2,000 square foot video production stage with a 34 foot wide green screen seamless cyc wall, for single or multi-camera productions with teleprompters. An expansive light grid extends from wall to wall, 18 feet above a smooth floor that accommodates steady camera and dolly movement across the room. The studio sound designed for good audio recording, as well as baffled for quiet air handling and sound proofed against outside noise.

Down the hall, but near by, a conference room serves as our studio’s green room, for studio prep for producers and talent. The room has WiFi, a large screen monitor with computer and conference phone hook ups available for client use, as well as networked printers and copy machines. A long table and chairs make the room perfect for a makeup station, as well as a quiet rehearsal space before recording.

So bring in your living room furniture, a limo, skid-steer, or cross country team… whatever you need for your video. Because our big room is ready and waiting, for your big idea.

Location Shoots

Our crew’s always ready for a road trip.

Video Arts Studios is prepared to hit the road at a moments notice, for an on location video shoot. Our 5 seat, one-ton Video Production Grip Truck is completely equipped with cameras, lights, stands, dolly, jib, portable green screen, and field audio recording gear.

Video Editing Suite

Tell us where you want your video to go, then sit back, and let us do the driving.

Video Arts Studios’ edit suite provides clients with a spacious, comfortable and customer friendly environment to relax and supervise your video’s final assembly, as one of our experienced editors navigates the post-production of your project to your complete satisfaction and approval.

Although Video Arts Studios’ boasts multiple edit stations to accommodate efficient work flow, our main edit suite is specifically designed for client and producer interaction with the final editing process. It provides an elevated seating area for the producer and client team to oversee the completion of the finished video edit. Right below, the editor and motion graphic artist are seated side by side, with multiple preview screens positioned for all in the room to easily watch assembly and playback.

Together, our artists and editors represent an impressive command of 2D and 3D animation software: Lightwave 3D, Z Brush, Adobe CC Suite, Green Screen compositing, and many other art and editing post production software. From traditional character animation to motion graphic typography and three-dimensional animation, our artists have significant expert design experience… and the awards to prove it.

Video Arts Studios editors and animators are consummate, proven visual storytellers, who pride themselves in their ability to elevate a producer’s concept with their creative insights and skillful command of the very latest tools of the trade.

Audio Production

A video production that’s picture perfect…needs an audio track that’s just as sound

Once our video editor and motion graphics artists have finished their work, the completed video edit is passed off to Audio Production for one of our sound design engineers to sweeten the final audio mix add any needed sound effects, announcer voice over and music.

Audio Studio Facilities

Rooms designed for an harmonious outcome

Designed by world-renowned New York audio design architect, John Storyk, our two sound studios provide excellent acoustics for recording. Our talented audio engineers represent years of experience in music composition and sound design, and can handle most any audio challenge that comes their way.

The audio studios are acoustically designed and sound proofed against outside noise distractions. Great care has been taken to see that air runs through the rooms, maintaining a comfortable temperature, while baffled for quiet air handling that won’t disturb the audio recording environment.

Good musicians, sound great, when they record with us

Video Arts Studios subsidiary, Graffiti Music Studios, features two rooms with amazing acoustics for recording musicians. Both are ideal sound-design environments for tracking, editing, mixing and mastering. Trident and Toft audio consoles and Neumann microphones provide, the sought after warm sound we’re known for. You can always count on our talented and experienced engineers taking the time to polish the mix… until it’s audibly exquisite.

Video Arts Studios, has the right voice, with the right read, right on hand

Hired Gums is the vocal arm of Video Arts Studios, providing clients with over 35 on call professional voice over talents to choose from. If you wish, you can direct the project over the phone patched directly to the voice artist. There are no renewals or royalties, which means you can use our work in any market for as long as you like.

You can count on Hired Gums to always deliver a terrific read, at a terrific price. Whether it’s a short form script for a commercial or PSA, or a long form script for a documentary, corporate video, award show announcements, web video, on-hold messaging, a training or tutorial script, or even on-hold messaging, Video Arts Studios offers a variety of experienced long format voice talent from our subsidiary, Hired Gums. Whatever the need, whatever the length…we’ve got the right voice for you.


Our animators make moving pictures that will move your audience

Animation is an important storytelling division at Video Arts Studios. Our artists, writers and producers have a great depth of experience and a strong belief in the power of animation to communicate a client’s message.

Our team’s animators are masters of both dynamic motion graphic animation of typography and logo assemblies, as well as traditional full character animation. They also have an expert command of 3D animation, which has proven effective for product illustration for many of our clients’ projects. Our team prides themselves in their composite skills, combining live action video recorded on our large green screen sound stage with animated components or virtual graphic sets.

Working in countless modern design styles, you can count on our talented staff artists delivering just the right look for whatever project you bring their way.

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