Documentary Videos

Video Arts Studios has a proven track record with visually compelling and narratively strong documentary work, exploring an array of different subjects.

Of great interest to our producers are the stories of local figures whose noteworthy actions helping the oppressed have had a positive national or global impact. Such are the stories highlighted in The Mission of Herman Stern the North Dakotan citizen who rescued 125 Jews from the Holocaust, and the Emmy Award winning Road to Little Rock the story of North Dakota Judge Ronald Davies role in a landmark case against school segregation.

Other documentaries have focused on local events of historic importance, like Hell and High Water, the story of the 1997 flood in Ada Minnesota.

Our team has also tackled contemporary social issues as well. The Emmy Award winning documentary Fargo’s Hidden Secret shines a light on the little known details about the social challenge of student homelessness.

Video Arts Studios take great pride in our ability to produce documentaries that both student and adult audiences find engaging and thought provoking.

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