Toward the end of this last summer, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Communications Specialist, Nancy Wulfekuhle called Video Arts Studios with her team’s idea for this year’s Annual Shareholder Meeting video to be shown at a year’s end get together.

They wanted the video to showcase the innovative re-build design and construction to a significant portion of the present factory. The re-build, would position Minn-Dak to more aggressively fill production demands and maintain a strong leadership place in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The project would need new video captured in three separate shoot dates over the span of several months.

Producer Jim Kirwan helped Nancy formulate an outline for the video, and Project Manager Aimee Mitchell put together a schedule and budget. With some clever schedule juggling, from both Minn-Dak and Video Arts, the targeted shooting dates were confirmed and locked in, and over the next four months Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson, Audio Engineer John Shea and Producer Jim Kirwan followed through, and recorded the necessary video.

The first shoot was scheduled for late summer and would capture video of the preparation for the new construction, tearing out old concrete and footings.

The next shoot would take place in mid-September and our team would record video of the new construction, pouring concrete floors and footings, and the assembly of a brand new fusion tower.

Last but not least, the third and final shoot would be of the new structures fully operational, as well as sitting down with several key players involved or affected by the rebuild, and record interviews which would help serve as the story’s narrative. This needed to wait until November, when harvest was completed.

Once the field production team came back with the last of the needed video, Jim joined editor Scott Tostenrud in assembling the finished piece.

Nancy and her team, premiered the video at the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Annual Shareholder Meeting in December, to a resoundly appreciative audience… all part of the Minn-Dak team, themselves.