After successfully completing our Farmers Union Insurance :30 image spot that honored our regions farmers and ranchers, Harley Danielson of Danielson and Associates called upon us once again to help him produce the next phase of the on going “Simply Different” image campaign. The next spot was to honor student athletes and their families and schools and the North Dakota High School Activities Association for their positive contribution to our communities and our region’s lifestyles.

Our team got together with Harley and FUI Marketing Manager Kevin Ressler to get a grasp of the direction they wanted to go, and the many sports team, programs and facilities that FUI lends it support to, that would be available to record video of.

With that info in hand, writer/producer Jim Kirwan developed a script around the theme that in our region, it seems that “Every Town is a Sports Town”.

Once approved by the FUI team, Harley, Jim, Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson, and Production Manager Aimee Mitchell, began to plot the where, when, and how to capture the many necessary action shots of various high school sports teams.

The challenge would be the short window of time to create the spot before it was scheduled to run. With that in mind we set about to arrange permission to record scheduled competitions, as well as set up posed competitions for those that were not. Planning and scheduling was no small task.

A task that fell easy to us, however, was branding Farmers Union Insurance throughout the different video shots. The reason being that the FUI sponsorship logo was on clear display at almost every venue we sought to cover, proof of their commitment to high school activities throughout our region.

After a hectic, but fun, few weeks of shooting with Harley, our field team was ready to hand off a bucket full of shots for editor Scott Tostenrud to sift through to choose the best selects for the final 30 second edit.

Everyone’s hard work paid off, as Harley and Kevin felt we delivered just what they were hoping for, a dynamic, fast moving, yet heartfelt message… worthy of a long run on local television.