Dr. Paul Fredrikson believes that a smile should be taken good care of and cherished. A person’s smile is the first thing people notice. He is dedicated to giving all of his patients beautiful smiles and it is why he enjoys and specializes in cosmetic procedures.  Appropriately, he named his dentist practice, Smile Care.

SmileCare Logo

Bethany Henderson worked with the Smile Care team and developed a new vision for the website, a redesign of the logo, and the website’s pages.   Bethany then turned to Art Phillips for Video Arts Studios’ help to create three videos to profile Dr. Paul and the expert, compassionate dental health care he provides for his patients.

Bethany was looking for simple interviews of a smiling Dr. Paul seated in a lone chair in an empty studio. Video Arts’ Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson, assisted by John Shea, created the lighting design to get the proper intimate feel for the interviews.

After taping Dr. Paul’s relaxed response to a series of questions prepared by Video Arts Studios producer Jim Kirwan, the team went about taping a variety of cover shots of Dr. Fredrikson. The interviews were edited into three dynamic and interesting interviews of Dr. Paul telling the Smile Care story.

The Video Arts Studios creative team is smiling about the final product, and delighted to say that Dr. Fredrikson’s Smile Care team is even happier!