Video Arts StudiosDo you know the best defense the Fargo Police Department has against crime? YOU! The recent PSA’s Video Arts Studios produced for the Fargo Police Department show how the community is kept safe with everyone’s help. Just paying attention to your surroundings and contacting the police if you see anything suspicious helps reduce crime.

Gratitude was the key word for the public service campaign.  Writer/Producer Jim Kirwan wrote both scripts with that word in mind. The first spot gives the police the opportunity to thank the community and the second spot gives the community the opportunity to thank the police. Director of Photography, Marty Halgrimson, captured officers in their work environment throughout the summer and early winter. Fargo has over 150 officers staffing the police department and each one takes their job of protecting our community seriously.

The mission statement of the Fargo Police Department is to strive to provide the citizens of Fargo quality service and a secure community. Take a look at their Public Service Campaign.