When a family member is struggling with addiction, the entire family is going to suffer.  Deb Soliah, Executive Director of ShareHouse Foundation, asked Video Arts Studios to create a TV commercial with a clear message: Addiction can happen in any family.

Video Arts Studios

Jim Kirwan directed the young family of actors to show how they are dealing with the stress of addiction. The home scenes were shot to give a real-life vision of what happens behind closed doors. Trying to cover up addiction and putting off the decision to get help only adds to the struggle. You can almost see the weight lifted off the man’s shoulders as he finally makes the call to ask for help.

Director of Photography, Marty Halgrimson, visually captured the feelings of helplessness and resignation. Editor Sam Claeys edited the television commercial to the haunting soundtrack to show the viewer where to find help. “ShareHouse – Trusted for Recovery. We’re waiting for your call“.

We are proud to be part of this important message for people needing help in their recovery.