The recent ShareHouse / Video Arts Studios joint venture “ShareHouse Success Stories” was a project to produce two videos that would tell the true stories of two individuals who, with the help of ShareHouse treatment plans, have triumphed over their addictions to lead clean, sober and happy lives.

It began when Deb Soliah, ShareHouse Foundation Executive Director, reached out to Video Arts Studios Project Manager Mary Ann Phillips with her ideas for the project. Deb had selected two individuals who had successfully completed their ShareHouse treatment plans for the videos to profile.

The Video Arts team, Writer/Producer Jim Kirwan, Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson and Location Sound Engineer John Shea, met at a park to record “Marni’s Success Story”. A married mother of two, Marni had become dependent on pain killing prescription medication. Marni completed her ShareHouse treatment plan and has now successfully reclaimed her positive family life.

The production team then took their equipment on the road again to record “Sarah’s Success Story” in her home. As a rebellious teen, Sarah had experimented on and off with drugs. The stressful pressures of adult life led her back to drugs and a dangerous dependence on meth and crack cocaine. With the support of her family, and help from ShareHouse, Sarah has put her dark journey of addiction behind her. Sarah is continuing her education while she works to support her daughter.

Video Arts Studios was honored to be a part of the ShareHouse “Jeans & Jerseys” fundraising event where the videos were shown. All who were involved with the project are hopeful that the videos will help inspire those in need to seek treatment, as well as encourage those who are able, to generously support the efforts of ShareHouse that have been proven time and again so successful for many others like Marni and Sarah.