Come Hell and Highwater – Documentary from Video Arts Studios on Vimeo.

In 1997 an epic 100 year flood made its way through the Red River Valley. This includes the small Minnesota town of Ada. Ada was deeply affected by the flood losing their elementary school, a hospital, nursing home, and evacuated many residents. Twenty years later, Richard Tuttle, Ada-Borup High School’s band director wanted the community to take pause, remember, and celebrate where they are today. And to do that, he set out to have a documentary made that preserves the history of Ada and the Flood of 1997.

Tuttle called Video Arts Studios to discuss his vision. Together, we formed a partnership that began with script writing by Writer/Producer, Jim Kirwan. Tuttle, as Executive Producer, of the documentary, sought out the untold stories in his community that would be forever captured on camera.

Using multiple cameras Video Arts Studios’ Directory of Photography, Marty Halgrimson was able to shoot emotional interviews from town’s people and city leaders who survived and capture stunning images of the town as it is today. The documentary was broken down into 2 parts. Part one contains interviews and the story of the flood. A community concert featuring an original score by 14 year old, Karl Swenson, was part two. The performance which included over 100 musicians and choir members was shot utilizing five cameras. “It was such an honor to work with top-notch professionals on this project,” said Tuttle. Tuttle’s hope is that everyone can see this film and that it will be preserved.

A world premier was held at the Orpheum Theatre in Ada.