BlueWailers_Promo from Video Arts Studios on Vimeo.

The Blue Wailers are a “feel good” blues band. They’ve been at music making for quite some time and wanted to promote themselves with a video highlighting their musical talent.

The Blue Wailers’ rehearsal space was transformed into a great backdrop for the video. The five-piece band did what they do best and played the blues while a three camera set-up captured each unique musicians’ craft. The video includes clips from a variety of different songs mixed and edited with interviews from band members Mike Carbone, Marty Olson, Bob Waters, Randy Schrenk, and Tim Jorgenson.

“We are so happy you were able to make such a spectacular piece showcasing the music we love to make,” says Carbone. Producer Jim Kirwan encapsulated each members’ love of their craft while Director of Photography, Marty Halgrimson, Audio Engineer, John Shea, and Second Cameraman, Scott Tostenrud, shot the footage and captured the all-important sounds of the band.

The video is being used on social media to help the band with booking more gigs. Check them out on Facebook for future dates and locations on where they are playing!